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We have developed several lessons (with many more to come) to help you help your students come to know, love and obey God more effectively.  Currently, these lessons are in the English, Chinese and Indonesian languages, with plans to expand this ministry to many other languages.  Please see the "Courses/Lessons"  menu above for what's available.

A few of you have written to us because of not getting your certificates. Please remember to print or download them when your reach the end of a lesson or course.

NOTE: When you find highlighted words in the lessons, be sure to roll your mouse over the word for other information that may help you.

If you have website issues or issues with a course or lesson you can use the "Contact Us" form to let us know and we will get it fixed ASAP, if it is us :). Thank you.

FINALLY, we really do appreciate your comments and suggestions on the survey forms at the end of each lesson or course!!!